About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Floridians for Recovery is to promote the Florida Recovery Movement through existing Recovery Community Organizations, linking all recovery partners, and encouraging a reduction in obstacles to long term recovery for individuals and families through statewide and local initiatives.

Our Vision

The vision of Floridians for recovery is to be the leader of the Recovery Movement by engaging, educating and empowering individuals, families, and communities to eliminate the stigma of behavioral health, represent the voice of recovery and promote recovery-oriented communities.

Our Purpose

The overall purpose of Floridians for Recovery is to lead and support Recovery Community Organizations in their effort to promote the recovery movement through advocacy, education, training and technical assistance.

Meer Our Board

Susan Nyamora

Chairperson, Founder and CEO of South Florida Wellness Network

Nancy McConnell

Founder and CEO of Rebel Recovery

Pam Birtolo

Program Director at Flagler Open Arms Recovery Services

Robert Cooper

Vice Chairperson, Founder and CEO of Zero Hour Life Center

Denise Holden

Founder and CEO of The RASE Project

George Margoles

President and CEO of Recovery Connections of Central Florida

William Atkinson

Secretary, Founder and CEO of Recovery Epicenter Foundation

Sara Barkley

COO of Fellowship RCO

Rick Riccardi

Ad Hoc, Founder and CEO of Fellowship Recovery Community Organization

John Hulick

Board Treasurer, Senior Program Manager (Drug Czar) Palm Beach

Pam Birtolo

Program Director of Flagler OARS

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Jennifer Webb

Program Director

Jaime Melnicove

Communications & Administrative Director

Joe Dmitrovic

Director of Outreach

Luis C. Somoza